Hertz Tech has more than 25 years of industrial VFDs and line drive systems for the textile plants and steel manufacturing facilities such as Kolon, Huvis, Dongbu Steel and etc since 1985.  As of now, we are dealing with Yaskawa electric, Toyodentki Seizo and Vacon inverters.  Thanks to the reliable VFDs and line drive systems, we have been contributing to our industrial customers’ productivity improvement.
Power Quality Solutions
The inverters(VFD) exist for efficient motor operation, but it brought unwanted PQ problems. We paid attention to lots of PQ issues caused by VFDs, and through lots of trial and error, Hertz Tech could expand our business area to the PFC, active & passive harmonic filters, sine wave filters, dV/dT filters, SAG and Voltage regulators. If you have a PQ problem, then please make a contact to us.
Power Electronics
There would be no industrial manufacturers do not use any capacitors and DC power supply. We started this business for our own usage/application, but now we provide reliable AC & DC capacitors, and SMPS accessories such as electronic circuit breakers and PCB transformers. Thanks to this, we are enlarging our sales spectrum.
Industrial Facilities
Energy saving is all the customers’ main concern in these days, and it is VFD’s main function. To be sure, VFDs are widely used in general industrial fields, but there are too many VFD free loads due to the economical reason. Our magnetic drives and couplings are for those VFD free pumps and fans. The 1st installation is to be finished in 2013, and additional installations are expected in next year.
Micro Gas Turbine
On preparation
Palram Polycarbonate
Coming Soon
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Company Profile
2013 HERTZ Technology catalogue
  • ◇ Closed circulatory hot & cold water supply system
  • ◇ Continuously running super market refrigerator
  • ◇ Control device and method for refrigerator
  • ◇ Harmonic mitigation filter device
  • ◇ High voltage power supply combined with capacitor & inductor


We See Invisible Inefficiency, And Fix It

More Efficient Power & Energy Solution Provider

As Kolon Construction Co., Ltd. made a technical cooperation for VFD(Inverter) with Toyodenki Seizo K.K in 1985, Kolon Construction started to supply the localized VFDs to textile, steel, railroad, paper plants etc for energy saving and process control purpose.

In 2000, Kolon Construction and Kolon Engineering were merged, the VFD business department in Kolon Construction span off. Hertz Tech was founded by the members of VFD business department at that time, and have come to this day.

Thanks to the customers’ high demand, we were able to expand our product line to power quality, and refrigerator energy saving area.

Hertz Tech will to our utmost to be a reliable partner providing competitive and technically proven solutions to the customers wish to use the energy more efficiently. Thank you.
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